Search Engine Optimization

Ihr Multitool für die Suchmaschinenoptimierung

Find out why user behavior on your pages is a success criterion and how to win new customers with an SEO optimized website.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Through SEO your company website is optimized for the appropriate target group. Attractive content with added value for the user is matched to the search terms of your target group.

These content and other technical SEO measures enable you to position the pages of your company website in the best possible way with relevant search terms in search engines such as Google and Bing. The results are visits of new potential customers to your website.

Why the user behaviour on your pages is a success criterion

Search engines want to provide your users with the best possible results for their search query. To achieve this, the algorithm evaluates the relevance of the page to the search query. The user behaviour is the ideal criterion for the search engine to measure the satisfaction of the user with your pages.

  • The more relevant your page is to the search query, the more likely it is that this page will be displayed high up in the search results (good ranking)
  • If the relevance is too low the competition wins and your ranking is poor.

With all measures to optimize your website the user should always be in the foreground. The behaviour of the users on your pages is an elementary factor for the evaluation of the search engine.

For this purpose bounce rates, length of stay, number of visited pages as well as scroll depth and much more are included in the evaluation of relevance.

How to acquire new customers with an SEO optimized website?

What if everyone could find your offer immediately? More than ever it is about standing out from the crowd with the best content.

In order for your pages to generate enquiries from new customers, the content must be optimised for keywords relevant to the target group. For this it is important that you know the search behaviour and expectations of your target group.If in the last step the search intention matches the results on the page, we will meet the user's expectations. This results in positive user signals that improve the ranking of your site.

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